I have used a total of four (five if you count this one!) blogging platforms in the past ten years or so. I found Tumblr in high school and continued using it throughout the majority of my college years. I met some wonderful people via Tumblr, read a lot of amazing stories, found inspiration and information that impacted my life and my choices, and was, of course, wildly entertained by much of the content in my Tumblr dashboard.

Lately, however, I realized I want to start writing again- not just uploading photos from Instagram onto my blog or reposting things I think are important. Tumblr is a lot of things, but for me, one of its primary features is that of a major distractor from how I actually want to be spending my time on a blogging platform: writing and creating original content. Hence my decision to try out WordPress for the first time. So far, it seems quite user-friendly and pretty simplistic, which definitely appeals to me.

It’s very difficult for me to predict what this blog will be ‘about.’ I’ve had blogs that served as diaries. I’ve had blogs that I used to discuss political and social issues at length. I’ve had running blogs. I’ve had recipe blogs. I’ve had blogs about education. I even attempted to run a blog based on the humorous anecdotes I overhear from the apartment next door.

Ultimately, I hope this blog will be a space for me to write about whatever it is I need to write about. Expect mundane updates about day-to-day happenings and the life of a soon-to-be graduate student. Expect posts about food/cooking/diet/body image/exercise, because I am recovering from an eating disorder and still trying to make sense of all that stuff. Expect to read my thoughts about teaching, the Common Core, privatization/charter schools, NCLB, and technology in the classroom, because I work with children in an after-school program and am on my way to becoming an elementary school teacher. Expect occasional commentary on popular culture and political/social happenings. I think if you are interested in any of the above, you will probably enjoy my blog.

Personally, I have always loved reading blogs that really give readers a glimpse into a person’s world- into their heart, their brain, and maybe their soul. I first started blogging at the age of 12 because I wanted to make connections. I love getting to know people –and trust me, I know reading someone’s blog posts is an undeniably different experience than talking face to face at a coffee shop– and the Internet provides us with a way to get to know people from all walks of life, from all corners of the globe. While I certainly have lots of mixed feelings about technology and the Internet’s growing importance in our lives, it has certainly broadened my horizons and enabled me to learn from people I never would have known otherwise.

So…welcome. Pull up a chair and stay a while. I can’t promise any discernible rhyme or reason to what I will write about, but I can promise to try and keep things interesting and honest.


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