Stuff that’s on my mind tonight:

  • How my closest friends will always be my closest friends, regardless of distance. Whenever we Skype or talk on the phone or have long-awaited hang outs in person…it’s like no time has passed at all and nothing has changed.
  • It’s fun to be REALLY drunk approximately once per season…for me, anyway. Friday night was the night my wasted summer self made an appearance. I met some new people, sang “Come On Eileen” with one of my best friends, drank 1.5 rum buckets, and laid down on the floor of my living room and refused to move.
  • I really love doing somewhat mundane things around the house on Sundays with Doug. It’s not exciting, but it’s our routine and it feels comfortable. Plus we really do need an entire day to do all of the following: cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping/putting food away/prepping food for the week, folding & putting away clothes, etc.
  • I’ve been thinking about whether or not we’ll renew our lease (it’s up in November). After having lived in this apartment for 2 years, it’s a bit difficult to imagine living anywhere else, at least in this city. Also, I’ve been doing a bit of looking, and in our price range, there isn’t much out there that’s better than where we currently are. We lived in one other apartment for six months before moving here, so this really has been our “home” for the majority of our relationship. Not quite ready to leave it behind yet.
  • But I really want a pet. And we can’t have one here.
  • I can’t believe there are only three weeks left of our summer program. I’m excited, but at the same time, I am reminded that we’re approaching the last few weeks of summer. I’m looking forward to our anniversary trip to Boston, a few more beach days, spending time with friends, late night ice cream runs, having all the windows open, and summer storms.
  • I felt SO GOOD working out today. When I don’t work our for a few days in a row, I always seem to forget how amazing I feel when I’m drenched in sweat! Lately, it hasn’t been one kind of exercise in particular that makes me feel like I can take on the world- it’s anything and everything.
  • Sometimes I really misjudge people. Our neighbor (who I have complained about both online and in-person to EVERYONE in my life) is actually a really cool guy. We’ve had many long conversations with him this week, and I just brought him some of the banana bread I baked tonight. I have the feeling we’ll actually hang out together one of these days.

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