I’d rather have a cold than a migraine

I definitely think I’m coming down with something– if not, I guess I’m still sleep deprived. After The Walking Dead premiere on Sunday, I could not fall asleep. That probably had something to do with all of the “research” I conducted on the most terrifying haunted houses in the U.S. I have absolutely no interest (anymore) in going to haunted houses, but something about them fascinates me. Anyway, I scared myself so badly I was awake until four in the morning freaking out about even the tiniest noise I couldn’t place. I got a decent amount of sleep last night, but I still feel tired and run down. My throat is kind of sore and my entire body is just…tired.

However, I have been HEADACHE FREE since yesterday morning, which is pretty amazing. I can only hope it continues. I had physical therapy for the second time today, and got to use a foam roller on my back/shoulders/neck. It made a significant difference in the tension and pain I tend to carry in those areas in just 15 minutes. I think I will definitely invest in a longer foam roller (I have a mini one right now) so I can use one every day at home.

I can’t believe the semester is about halfway over. It’s gone by quickly, I suppose, even though sometimes the days seem to drag on and on (like today). One more class, a field trip, and then home- and maybe to an orchestra concert tonight with Doug if I’m feeling up to it. I’m going to try and get some more work done now so I can head to bed early again tonight- hopefully before 10pm.


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