Name: Katie (my real name is Kathryn, but don’t you dare call me that!)
Age: 23
Location: New England, U.S.
Relationship status: Married
Occupation: Group leader in a K-5 after-school program
Education: I have a B.S. in Family Studies/Child Development. I’m currently working on my M.Ed in Elementary Education.

Stuff I like: writing, reading, summer afternoons, art museums, iced coffee, cooking, poetry, beach days, pumpkins, music of all kinds, blankets, The Walking Dead, passion, organization, sunflowers, opera, comfy clothes, elephants, brunch, Lord of the Rings/Star Wars/Harry Potter, etc., road trips, dancing, body positivity, DIY projects, movie theater popcorn, hedgehogs, my family, documentaries, equality.

Stuff I don’t like: judgment, winter, one-sided relationships, tuna fish, standardized testing, sleeping late, most bugs.

Five important things about me:
I am recovering from 10+ years of disordered eating. I simultaneously write/think a lot about my eating disorder while trying not to let it define me.
2. I am super passionate about teaching, learning, and education.
3. I love spending time with my friends and family, but I am a hardcore introvert and need lots of alone time, too.
4. I am proud of how organized, capable, and hard-working I am.
5. I wish I was more spontaneous and less caught up in the futile pursuit of “perfection.”

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